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Shipping & Returns

1.Required shipping conditions
Is *** The information needed for shipping your full name, address and Phone number. Please do not note that we are only your order by postal address and mailbox or other similar mail for shipment.
*** Please make sure you enter the correct delivery address and telephone number.
*** Please allow 8-12 days for delivery of your items.
*** We will send you your tracking number in 24-36 hours after we receive your money.
To check tracking number in ***: http://www.ems.com.cn / english-main.jsp
2.Tracking methods
After your order ships, we will offer you EMS tracking no. & Website.
There are two methods to get above information from us,
<1> Visit our website and re-login to check the update status.
<2> Check your e-mail, for we will send update status to your e-mail address.
Note: .. (If you can not check it immediately with the tracking no, please wait with patience, some time is required by Express Company, to copy it).
3.Unsuccessful or incorrect delivery
*** We are not responsible for return shipping, if you send us. Using an incorrect or incomplete address
*** For those customers who do not receive your package within 12 business days,
Please contact local post office ASAPAlways you can ask the local post office directly with your ID card copy or other valid certificate and the order information that you can print out when login to your registered account on our website.